Bachelor in Music Composition GPA(5.13) Summa Cum Laude  —  Sept 2011- Jun 2016

      • Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA)
      • Havana, Cuba 
      • Modules Included:
        Electroacoustic Music, Orchestration, Counterpoint, Contemporary Harmony and Techniques, Musical Analysis
      • Bachelor’s Thesis:
        “The Circus of Beauty and the Circus of Desire” – Concerto for Guitar and Symphonic Orchestra

High School Diploma in Music Guitar Performance  —  Sept 2006 – Jun 2010

      • Music Conservatory “Amadeo Roldan”
      • Havana, Cuba 
      • Modules Included: Guitar Performance, Harmony, Advanced Music Theory, Music History, Ensemble Practice

Middle School Diploma in Music Guitar Performance  —  Sept 2001 – Jun 2006

      • Music Conservatory for Young Children “Alejandro Garcia Caturla”
      • Havana, Cuba 
      • Modules Included: Guitar Performance, Music Theory, Chorus Practice, Guitar Ensemble Practice, Piano

Latest Music Composer Experience

  • Creation Grant “Conmutaciones”  — Dec 2021
      • Awarded by: Asociacion Hermanos Saiz 
      • Category: Contemporary Music 
      • Work submitted: An album proposal, made of 20 pieces for guitar and various formats, including 2 concerts.
      • Prize: Funding for the production, (including studio time, session musicians, sound engineers, etc.) of the album.
  • Arrangements for “Habaneros del Prado” —  Aug – Dec 2021
      • For: Rita del Prado Cartaya
      • Arrangement and Orchestration of 4 songs from  her last album. 
  • Music for TV Short Film “Un golpe de suerte”  —  Jul – Aug 2021
      • For: RTV Comercial, a TV production Cuban company
      • 25 minutes
      • 5 songs
  • Original Soundtrack “La noche bocarriba”   —  Jun 2021- Aug 2021
      • Directed by: Joel Infante. 
      • Original Story by: Julio Cortazar
      • 3 music pieces
  • Music for Short Film “Reversa”  —  May – Jun  2021
      • Directed by: Joel Infante
      • Screenplay: Amilcar Salatti
      • 4 songs
  • Original Soundtrack for Short Film “El y Ella”  —  Apr – May 2021
      • For: ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematography Art and Industry). 
      • Directed by: Fernando Perez, Joel Infante 
      • 20 minutes
  • Concert for Guitar and String Orchestra  —  Mar – Apr 2021
      • For: National Center of Concert Music, institution in charge of providing programs for the major orchestras in Havana.
      • 2 Movements, 12 pieces
  • Original Soundtrack for TV Movie “Silencio”  —  Jan – Mar 2021
      • For: RTV Comercial, a TV production Cuban company
      • 90 minutes
  • Original Music Score for Dance Play  —  Aug 2020 – Feb 2021
      • For: ECOS, flamenco and contemporary dance ensemble. 
      • Title: “La casa de Bernarda Alba”
      • Original Theatre Play: Federico Garcia Lorca
      • 12 music pieces
  • Music for Plucked String Duet  —  May – Jul  2020
      • For: Aguas de Marzo, guitar and laud duet. 
      • 5 songs

Guitar Player Experience

  • The Balkans Tour, 2018
      • With: ECOS, flamenco and contemporary dance ensemble.
      • At: Macedonia, Greece, Servia, Bulgaria
      • Performances: 25+ 
      • Ecos” dance ensemble made a tour through the Balkans in which they were performing with live music. I was the Guitar Player of the tour. We had over 30 presentations in countries like Macedonia, Greece, Servia, Bulgaria. The tour lasted for 4 months and I found it extremely enriching, as I took the opportunity to study and play several folklores of the area.
  • United States Tours, 2016 – 2017
      • With: Irene Rodriguez Dance Company
      • At: Joyce Theatre, Manhattan, New York; Moon Theatre, Seattle; Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Boston; Chautauqua, New York.
      • Performances: 30+
      • A series of tours and presentations with Irene Rodriguez Dance Company in the United States. I was the Guitar Player, Music Director and Composer, since most of the music for the shows was written and arranged by myself. The music had contact with genres like flamenco, contemporary music, jazz and electroacoustic music. 
  • Dominican Republic shows, 2015
      • With: Irene Rodriguez Dance Company
      • At: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
      • Performances: 3
      • It was conceived for flamenco dance, guitar and symphonic orchestra. I was the Rehearsal Director of the Dominican Philharmonic Orchestra to ensure that it was interpreted correctly, since this genre is rarely a part of such orchestras usual repertoire. When performed, I played the guitar. Video reference in the above section.
  • Cuban Concerts Selection, 2010-2018

I have performed in some of the most renowned theaters in Havana, such as The National Fine Arts Musem Theatre, Havana’s Great Theatre and the National Theatre. Some of the concerts I have been a part of are:

      • Antojo Flamenco – Bertolt Brecht
      • El Ultimo Gaitero (La Huella de España) – Teatro Mella
      • El Mito – Havana’s Great Theatre
      • Aldabal – International Ballet Festival, Jose Marti Theatre
      • Sobre un tema de Falla – Jazz Plaza Festival
      • Leo Brouwer Festival
      • Havana Contemporary Music Festival
      • Sueño de Campesino by J.V Gavilondo – Fine Arts Museum Theatre 

Teacher Experience

Music University Professor  —  Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba  —  2016-present

Instituto Superior de Arte (Superior Institute of Arts) is the only University of Music in Cuba.  

  • Professor of Music Composition, Orchestration, Counterpoint and Musical Analysis of Performance and Composition students.
  • Updated some of the university programs by giving them a more practical approach, such as Orchestration. 
  • Several collaborations with the Sound Engineering department that yield high quality projects developed by students.
  • Been Chair of the Examination Committee: more than 8 Bachelor’s Thesis Final Oral Examinations of Music Composition students.
  • Enriched the Music Performance (instrumentalists) students curriculum by creating workshops specially conceived for them.

Music Theory Teacher  —  Escuela Nacional de Arte; Havana, Cuba  —  2018-2020

Escuela Nacional de Arte (National School of Art) is one of the largest High School Music Conservatories in Havana with students from all over the country.  

  • Created and delivered  Music Theory lessons to music conservatory students, 16 to 19 years old, in particular, Musical Analysis. 
  • Maintain a stimulating and nurturing classroom setting by encouraging students to discuss and analyze in depth and with the proper tools any music genre.
  • Coordinate and supervised various extra curricular workshops such as “Pop Music Analysis” and “Jazz Music Analysis”.

Guitar Teacher  —  Music conservatory for young children internship; Havana, Cuba  —  2009-2010

Music Conservatory for Young Children “Alejandro Garcia Caturla” is one Havana’s most renowned institutions of its kind.  

  • Instructed 10 to 15 year old children through individual guitar performance lessons, twice per week.
  • Carefully curated each student’s repertoire to best fit their physical capacities and technically challenge them at the same time. 
  • Gained an indispensable knowledge of children’s education techniques and successfully engaged with all my students.